Okaa-san Online

Okaa-san Online

Okaa-san Online

  • Summer 2019 Anime
  • Series
  • Ongoing
  • 通常攻撃が全体攻撃で二回攻撃のお母さんは好きですか?, Okaasan online, Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power
  • 12
  • 21.270
  • Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
  • Jul 13, 2019


Just when Masato thought that a random survey conducted in school was over, he got involved in a secret Government scheme. As he was carried along with the flow, he ended up in a Game world! As if that wasn't enough, shockingly, his mother was there as well! It was a little different from a typical transported to another world setting, but after some bickering, "Mom wants go on an adventure together with Maa-kun. Can mom become Maa-kun's companion?" With that, Masato and Mamako began their adventure as a mother and son pair. They met Porta, a cute traveling merchant, and Wise, a regrettable philosopher. Along with their new party members, Masato and co. start on their journey.

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